Game Info

SAVE THE DATE 3-25-17. Backup dates are April 8 or 15th.


Send me an email if you want in.

Similar drill to last four editions. Harry's Cafe in Lakeville to Milltown Cycles in Faribault, and return. Race will be ~80 miles on a mix of gravel, pavement, and as much off road and questionable stuff as mother nature will allow. Start will be from Harry's at 8AM, park in the Walmart lot.

Race will be capped at ~100 people. If you showed last year you are automatically in but email must be sent, and I play favorites.

Something more than just a bike race- FUNDRAISER.

Fundraiser history- Year 1 we raised $1300 for a young man in need. Year 2 we generated 400 lbs of food and $ for local food shelf. Year 3 the raiser brought in more than $2000 for a beautiful woman fighting cancer. Year 4 (last year) we rallied with the Bauers in support of Jason and his fight...

Ethos: You are responsible for you. If you get stuck in one spot, you gotta get yourself out of it. Bring a phone, straight key for an SOS, or sky flares.

NOTE: The course will not be the same as last year. So disregard your bootleg GPS map. You rely on it, and it will cheat you.

THANKS TO MILLTOWN CYCLES & HARRY'S CAFE for their continued support!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Race is ON.

How about that aye??? The weather looks good.

Previous race details remain the same. See series of blog posts for details. Be early, we will not wait around after 8AM.

Let me know via email if you are not showing... It helps me herd all the cats... and please don't email me with ifs and buts, only if you are NOT showing... I confuse easily.

Also, I appreciate all the messages from people stating 'I'm out, but I'm still going stop by and donate.' THANK YOU. That sort of generosity is why I keep putting this thing on...

So, if iffy weather is not your deal, please do stop by and show your generosity. Stick around and eat a stellar scratch kitchen breakfast at Harry's as well... The food is fantastic.

Even better drive on down to Milltown and check out the shop and DT Faribault... You'll have some good laffs watching racers check in and scurry around like not so svelte ballet dancers...

Chris Gibbs/ C5 Photography has generously offered to donate all the proceeds for selling his 'Breathe' Poster to Monica's fundraiser. Posters will be selling for $20.

C5 Poster- All proceeds go to Monica's fundraiser

Next, we will be taking orders for the LML custom t-shirts by DVD, $20/ each...

How can you pass up a t-shirt for hobo's, hipsters, or hillbilly's

If you want electronic maps here are some options to riddle over:

Human error factor in plotting is greater than 10%, you mess up the route and get off course based on your digital file, your deal.

See 'LML Rain Route'-

To Milltown-

Back To Harry's-

Lite Route-

See you tomorrow, show up as early at 6AM... We set sail at 8.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Update- Weather Forecast

Being this event is part bike race, part fundraiser, I gotta take into consideration weather forecast. I don't want you all to be cheated in riding/ racing your bike and participating in something that goes beyond a bicycle.

Race tulip notes from a map my ride file will be posted as a link on this blog on Thursday if this a go. This will help avoid the soggy paper factor. If you've ever fumbled with tulips in the rain it's a real treat, especially when the paper just disintegrates in your hands... Then what? 

I will make the call on Thursday evening as to stay the course and race on Saturday or postpone to Saturday April 8th.

Shooting for an 80-20 rule. If we get 80% of the people to be satisfied in the decision (to race or not in looming rain), it will be a win.

Elko-Roubaix Sector. If rain, this will be out.

With rain, course will be modified. Elko-Roubaix and a few other spots will be out if raining on Friday and 'if' we go forward for Saturday's race. Last year we postponed due to ice/ snow conditions, and rescheduling allowed riding some good offroad stuff.

  • Park at Walmart overflow lot
  • Swag Swap- bring new in box or slightly used swag, we swap. No junk allowed
  • Registration- 6AM-8AM, ship sets sail at 8AM.
  • LML Lite Option, 38 miles. Full loop 94 miles. You make the call.
  • Limited edition T-Shirts- Contribute $75 or greater to Monica's cause, $10 to the race fund, and show up while supplies last and get a shirt! T-shirts will be for sale by order as well.
  • Fundraiser- most important part of all of this. We can collectively do something to help someone, and maybe even influence one another to think about our health in a different way.

NOTE: the previous roster may have up to 10% error. Check your name and your intention.

NOTE: if you melt in the rain please let me know you wont be at the race. Each entry costs me overhead expenses.