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LML+ there is no registration. We do need a head count for attendance, email here or invite yourself on the facebook event page created.

Send email to-

You will get tulips and the ship will set sail from the Walmart lot at 8AM.

Something more than just a bike race- FUNDRAISER.

Fundraiser history- Year 1 we raised $1300 for a young man in need. Year 2 we generated 400 lbs of food and $ for local food shelf. Year 3 the raiser brought in more than $2000 for a beautiful woman fighting cancer. Year 4 (last year) we rallied with the Bauers in support of Jason and his fight... Year 5 was cancer awareness and fund support to a single Mom.

Ethos: You are responsible for you. If you get stuck in one spot, you gotta get yourself out of it. Bring a phone, straight key for an SOS, or sky flares.

NOTE: The course will not be the same as last year. So disregard your bootleg GPS map. You rely on it, and it will cheat you.

THANKS TO MILLTOWN CYCLES & HARRY'S CAFE for their continued support!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Roster Update & Key Points

KEY POINTS FOR THE RACE: (most learned the hard way)

  • TULIPS. If you never used, be prepared. A tulip holder is a must. You can purchase at most LBS. You'll need a cycling computer, unless your name is Farm Team Scotty.
  • TULIPS. Will be handed in the form of a sheet of paper. Fold into quarters for directions on route.
  • TULIPS. Protect it. It's just paper. A clear plastic sleeve is the standard.
  • ARRIVAL/ HARRY'S CAFE- Please park in the BACK of the restaurant.
  • REGISTRATION: 7-8AM. Race will start as close to 8AM after all are registered. I expect registration to be a bit slow since none of us have ever done this. I am trying to keep it quick and simple. SWAG SWAP, don't forget, everybody brings something to swap. Swap will happen at the social, last goes first, and picks for the podium.
  • START- I will lead a neutral roll out from Harry's to the gravel across the way.
  • WHAT TO CARRY. I ride with a camelback. I don't care if it's not roadie cool. Whatever. You'll be riding each way at least 3 hours. If your a 2-3 bottle only rider. They might freeze. Then what?
  • NO DROP BAGS. One stop at Milltown is the game. The rest is on your own. 
  • NO SAG WAGON. This is a race. Carry a phone, but there are dead zones. Don't know what a sag wagon is? Forget aboot it.
  • BIKE TYPE. Already mentioned enough, ride what you want. Fatbike class, yap.
  • CONDITIONS. With current snowcover on the ground I expect much of the route to be snow/ ice covered. I have 2 routes, 1 is a gauntlet, 2nd for conditions that do not allow riding the gauntlet (too much snow). Will see what Mother Nature has to say for the next 3 weeks.
  • MILLTOWN CYCLES CHECK POINT- Check in at Milltown, they'll provide the second Tulip notes, any aid and support that you need. Show Milltown Cycles some love!!!
  • FINISH- I have a guy, he's suppose to be the finish line official. If he's preoccupied riding wheelies because he is bored, a clipboard and a chair will be at the finish. Sign in with your name/ number and finish time on the sheet.
  • SOCIAL- Enjoy Harry's Cafe and the scratch kitchen dining, drink, and post race banter... SWAG SWAP and awards. Expected time, 3:30PM-5PM.
  • FUNDRAISER: THANKS FOR CONSIDERING A DONATION. We'll have a donation jar on hand ($20 recommended or whatever you/ your supporting cast can spare). FUNDRAISER LINK- DILLON BOROWICZ

Look for this guy at the finish line. If he's not there, a chair and clipboard will be.

This is it, no more random entry requests... Unless you speak the language.

Additional Names:
Bobby Vigil, Shirley Johnson, David Strachan, Josh Bauer, David Bruning, Philip Carlton, Evan Tweed, Joe Kjeer, Brian Welch, Audrey Baumgartner, Galen Murray, Joe Pahr

Usual Suspects:
Joel Benton, Jeff Bushendorf, Paul Carroll, Neil O Cary, John Cossette, Jack, Todd Fischer, Ryan Fitzgerald, Dan Funke, The Goat, Kevin Gonzales, Habs, Jay Henderson, Katie Hulback, Steve Johnson, Eddie, Pete Kennedy, Brent Kvittem, Susannah King, Steve Knowlton, Alex Kopi Kohn,  Rob Legler, Marx Machine, Don leMac, Scott Meuelbroeck, Porter Million, Brendan O'Brien, Rich Zilla, Benjamin Oney, Josh Peterson, Shad Prins, QPete, Gregorio Ramirez, Matt Riley, JJ Robb, Rocket Ray, Martin Rudnick, The Wonder Twins, Bob Shepherd,  Darryl Shoemaker, Ted Siefkes, Ben Swenka, Brett Swenson, Lisa Thompson, Horned, Marcus Warrington, Nick Watts, Tim Werts, Drew Wilson, Jeff Young

Got it? Good.


  1. is the additional names list for people with goofey names?


  2. Is there still openings. Contact