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LML+ there is no registration. We do need a head count for attendance, email here or invite yourself on the facebook event page created.

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You will get tulips and the ship will set sail from the Walmart lot at 8AM.

Something more than just a bike race- FUNDRAISER.

Fundraiser history- Year 1 we raised $1300 for a young man in need. Year 2 we generated 400 lbs of food and $ for local food shelf. Year 3 the raiser brought in more than $2000 for a beautiful woman fighting cancer. Year 4 (last year) we rallied with the Bauers in support of Jason and his fight... Year 5 was cancer awareness and fund support to a single Mom.

Ethos: You are responsible for you. If you get stuck in one spot, you gotta get yourself out of it. Bring a phone, straight key for an SOS, or sky flares.

NOTE: The course will not be the same as last year. So disregard your bootleg GPS map. You rely on it, and it will cheat you.

THANKS TO MILLTOWN CYCLES & HARRY'S CAFE for their continued support!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wrap Up (Food Drive, Results)

This group of knuckheads that likes to ride bikes in questionable conditions raised 405 pounds of food and $105 for the Lakeville Resource Center (local food shelf)...


Race Details (some of you are numbers types)- 95 were suppose to show, 80 at the line, 75 finishers. Winning time came in at 1:33PM, we left around 8:45AM (apply your math skills). We covered 82 miles (some more, some less, in a very quick gravel/ roady time). The gravel might be faster now than it will be for the rest of the Spring/ Summer.

NOTE- Results are updated with those that disclosed they missed the climb to knowwhere/ nowhere. It was a good little kicker. The day prior I couldn't get my jeep up it in 4WD (almost slide backward into the ditch), but I was hoping the ice would be gone, it was. Answered prayer.

TOP 75:
1. Mailen, 2. Roeser, 3. Hinkens, 4. Minier, 5. Buchanan, 6. Wilson (defending Champ), 7. Welch, 8. Norrie, 9. Dalal 10. Holmberg, 11. Kvittem (arm was good this time), 12. Laux, 13. Giannobile, 14. Aguirre, 15. Henderson, 16. Van De Velde (brother of pro roadie?), 17. Berkland, 18. Johnsen!, 19. Ingvalson, 20. I don't count (no map required), 21. Rudnick, 22. Kjeer, 23. Oney, 24. Martin, 25. Weisbrod (SS Champ- 44x16), 26. MotoYoung (most miles ridden?), 27. Rasmussen, 28, Swenson, 29. Peterson, 30. Gonzales, 31. Van Horns, 32. Egbers, 33. Giddings, 34. McElvain, 35. Swanson, 36. Puzak, 37. Wentzel, 38. Bakken, 39. FmrX President/ Haberman, 40. Voss, 41.  Finch (Fatbike Champ), 42. Carlson V, 43. Wilco, 44. Funkemaster, 45. Kovalchuk (Female Champ), 46. Zeimer, 47. Sloma 48. Keane, 49. Evans, 50. Sheedy, 51. Bushendorf (2nd Fat- you played your role well!), 52. Benton!!!, 53. Heide, 54. Tweed, 55. Pease, 56. Krone, 57. Kendall, 58. Bell (?pet), 59. Lien, 60. Wikenheier, 61. Warrington (future ringer), 62. Knox, 63. Baltzley (2nd Female), 64. le Goat, 65. Peterson, 66. Schneider (skinny builder exraordinare!) , 67. Hout (SPH!), 68. Perez, 69. Marx Machine, 70. Larson (3rd Female) 71. Dingemans, 72. Stoneman (100 mi marathon runner, first bike race ever), 73. Flanders (former LCR), 74. Karow/ Stairmaster (3rd Fat), 75. Haan (4th Fat, first gravel roady race)

I didn't think we could outdo the original version of this race, but we certainly equaled it...


NOTE- you can check out all C5 photos here: C5 PHOTOGRAPHY LINK



  1. Great race, great course, Thanks Larry! Thanks for picking the perfect day as well. If only there was more climbing...

  2. I'm hooked on these gravel grinders now. Thanks Larry, Sponsors, Volunteers!


  3. Thanks very much. Was a great event and certainly worthy.

  4. Larry in that photo, is that a smile on your face or an evil grin?
    The food at Harry's was excellent!

  5. +1. Well put together race and great food at Harry's Cafe.

    A fine mix of grass roots racing, fun, new experiences, and good kind of pain.

  6. Larry - Heck of an experience. Am hooked. Thanks for letting me sign up late. Look fwd to switching over from running! Lots still to learn (beginning with "butt management"!)
    - Nick

  7. Thank you Larry and Dawn for organizing a great event. Thank you to all participants that donated to The Open Door! We appreciate your support in feeding those in need.
    Nancy Wester, Community Relations
    The Open Door