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LML+ there is no registration. We do need a head count for attendance, email here or invite yourself on the facebook event page created.

Send email to-

You will get tulips and the ship will set sail from the Walmart lot at 8AM.

Something more than just a bike race- FUNDRAISER.

Fundraiser history- Year 1 we raised $1300 for a young man in need. Year 2 we generated 400 lbs of food and $ for local food shelf. Year 3 the raiser brought in more than $2000 for a beautiful woman fighting cancer. Year 4 (last year) we rallied with the Bauers in support of Jason and his fight... Year 5 was cancer awareness and fund support to a single Mom.

Ethos: You are responsible for you. If you get stuck in one spot, you gotta get yourself out of it. Bring a phone, straight key for an SOS, or sky flares.

NOTE: The course will not be the same as last year. So disregard your bootleg GPS map. You rely on it, and it will cheat you.

THANKS TO MILLTOWN CYCLES & HARRY'S CAFE for their continued support!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Results/ THANK YOU!!!

I'll do a recap at some point later when I'm not cooked.

I do want to thank some people first and foremost:
Dawn LeTourneau (my Honey), Ben Witt (Owner of Milltown Cycles)/ Curtis & Todd, Harry of Harry's Cafe, The Staff at Harry's THANK YOU, Chris Gibbs/ C5 Adventure Photography (and his 2 girls), The WonderTwins (Lonie & Rebecca), Anna Lund and Kevin Gonzalez, Jim Jaglo, Dave Stoen, HealthSource Chiropractic (soon to be of Lakeville), and ALL 61 of you people that showed and gave it!!!

Also, we raised $1347 dollars for Dillon Borowicz. In Dillon's appreciation speech to the crowd at Harry's he stated he is going to use that money for his first year of college next year... Spectacular!

Peter Sagan?
1. Drew Wilson 2. Jay Henderson 3. *Benjamin Oney 4. *Brian Welch 5. *David Strachan 6. *Josh Roeser 7. Galen Murray 8. Jeff Young (82 Mile Graveled Ice Mudded Fatbike World Champion) 9. Kevin Gonzalez (Behind Bars!) 10. Dave Hoglund 11. Jeff Bushendorf (Fat- runner up/ LCR!!!) 12. Nick Watts 13. Martin Rudnick (Behind Bars!) 14. Pete Kennedy 15. Joe Kjeer 16. Joe Pahr 17. Number Eight Fill In Body 18. Steve Knowlton (my 8th grade teacher) 19. Matt Riley (SPH! longest ride ever) 20. Marcus Warrington (nice! 16yrs old) 21. Paul Carrol 22. Evan Tweed (Fat- third) 23. Raymond Jick 24. Brett Swenson 25. Steve 'chammy' Johnson (Fat 4th) 26. Jeremie 'studded' Van Ryswyk 27. Rocket Ray Nichols (Fat 5th) 28. Alex Koppi-Kohn 29. Eddie (w/ macdaddy swag donation) (Fat 6th) 30. Jack (wasn't cheated) 31. Alan Eastlund 32. Shad Prins 33. Bob Shephard 34. Scott Meulebroeck 35. QPete 36. Joel 'crazy' Benton (Fat 7th) 37. Lisa Thompson (Female winner, Fat 1st) 38. Jay Schneider (Fat 9th) 39 Neil Cary 40. Jon Cossette 41. Dan Funke-master (Fat 10th) 42. Pat Sheedy (Fat 11th) 43. Susannah King (Female 2nd) 44. Larry Machine Marx 45. JJ Robb 46. Jonny Jenson (Fat 12th)

Note- * results adjustment due to straying off course. Allgood.

Honorable mention- Brent Kvittem (broken arm). All smiles. Let's ride!

DNF's- 11.

Silver Cycling- Gold Medal donation of $200 to the Borowicz family.

No shows- Many excuses, no results.

If you have a good recap or a more than unusual experience, send me a signal. I'll copy and paste your journey into the final exclamation point on this race.

Note: The perfect spot for your L-M-L Sticker, on your fender or mud flap.

THANKS AGAIN. Ragnarok up next. Then I'm going to Disneyworld.

Update: Chris Gibbs/ C5 Adventure Photography is working on getting what he captured available to you... C5 ADVENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY LINK


  1. Anybody snap a shot of that wasteland closed road just outside of Northfield? Trying to find a line, caught in center, oncoming bright yellow monster mud truck............eye contact w driver, both smiled a wondered WTF each other was doing there?!?!?!?


  2. There was no line to find.

  3. I live close to.the quagmire on decker avenue. After eyeballing that mess all week I was happy to find the rest of the course in such good condition. Thanks Larry and Milltown for a fun and challenging day.

  4. I took some pics of that mess as well as other traps along the way. That's my excuse for taking 8 hours to get back to Harry's. Larry tried to get me to do the water tower climb, thanfully I didnt fall for that one. Thanks for a good day of riding I enjoyed the whuppin.


  5. Send em Larrys way!
    *water tower climb isn't quite the same without the misquitos


  6. Here that? [Pounding two rocks together again.]

    Added the C5 Adventure Photography/ Chris Gibbs link on the results blog post... He will have his work available soon... I'm looking forward to checking you all out in the Garrett Ave mud hole as well... ha.

  7. Thank you Larry and all! We had a super fun day on a beautiful course.


  8. Awesome day. Memorable. Free race, and do something good with it. THANK YOU!!!

    Hope you make this a yearly snow/mud/ice grinder.