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LML+ there is no registration. We do need a head count for attendance, email here or invite yourself on the facebook event page created.

Send email to-

You will get tulips and the ship will set sail from the Walmart lot at 8AM.

Something more than just a bike race- FUNDRAISER.

Fundraiser history- Year 1 we raised $1300 for a young man in need. Year 2 we generated 400 lbs of food and $ for local food shelf. Year 3 the raiser brought in more than $2000 for a beautiful woman fighting cancer. Year 4 (last year) we rallied with the Bauers in support of Jason and his fight... Year 5 was cancer awareness and fund support to a single Mom.

Ethos: You are responsible for you. If you get stuck in one spot, you gotta get yourself out of it. Bring a phone, straight key for an SOS, or sky flares.

NOTE: The course will not be the same as last year. So disregard your bootleg GPS map. You rely on it, and it will cheat you.

THANKS TO MILLTOWN CYCLES & HARRY'S CAFE for their continued support!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Race Roster/ Last Call

First, this could not happen without the generosity of Harry's Café & Milltown Cycles... Please show your appreciation on Saturday and beyond...
Okay People Last minute info-
1- Ship sets sail at 8AM. If your late, your on you own... Follow the tracks you may reel somebody in eventually.

NOTE- Tulips will be printed and handed out at registration.
2- We use this race to raise cancer awareness for you (it impacts all of us at some point), and funds for a single mom stage 4 breast cancer. There is no right or wrong, contribute what you are able.

Suggested donation of $20 or greater to Monica and $10 to the race fund. But we certainly welcome more generosity for Monica and the cause...
3- We have limited supply of custom T shirts for those that contribute $75 to the fundraiser and $10 to the race fund (it costs me about $10 a person overhead).
4- 90+ mile loop, and after first 8 miles everything changes, but you will end up at Milltown Cycles one way or another.
5. 'LML Lite' has been created. 42 mi half loop. Not scored, so keep your own stat sheet. You must let us know at or before registration. Start and Finish at Harry's no check at Milltown, means no bacon for you, but still a worthy sprinters loop, so attack off the front of the pack.

Each of the past 4 years you racers outdo the previous year in generosity, spirit, and plain ol' bike racing... Looking forward to sending you south towards northern iowa this coming Saturday.

If your guys are not on this list and told you they were, then they just fooled you.

Allan, Douglas
Anderson, Jon
Anderson, Tyler
Asleson, Anna
Ayala, Dan
Ayala, Erin
Bachman-Sanders, Ian
Bailey, Steve
Beer, Megan
Bell, Pete
Belz, Rob
Benton, Joel
Benusa, Kristin
Benusa, Tony
Black, Joe
Boyd, Tim
Brendal, Randy
Breyer, Andrew
Brink, Darin
Bujold, Sean
Campbell, Mike
Carroll, Paul
Cerra, Hector
Chabot, David
Clausen, Ted
Colbert, Jeff
Collins, Aaron
Cox, Ben
Curtis, Tyler
Davis, Kyle
Deckert, Steven
Delaney, Brian
Deltour, Agustin
Deutsch Joe
Dolinaj, Zach
Donovan, Christian
Donovan, Jack
Doom, Ben
Dosedel, Michael
Earley, Ken
Egbers, John
Ehlert, Kevin
Eisenmenger, David
Ellis, Joeseph
Endres, Chris
Englund, Erik
Erickson, Rick
Flanders, Kevin
Franken, Bill
Franzone, Carolyn
Fukushi, Ashlee
Gaffke, Dustin
Garrett, Jimmy 
Gauron, Christopher
Giddings, CousinJay
Giesen, Isaac/ SPH
Gislason, Andrew
Goblirsch, Jim
Goettl, Joe
Graham, Chris
Gregory, Lynn
Gross, Cory
Groth, Trisha
Gryniewski, Matt
Hall, Peter
Hamlin, Joe
Harriman, Randy
Heiser, Todd
Hest, Robert
Hippen, Scott
Hoogendam, Ian
Houser, Emily
Hudson-Erdman, Jonah
Hunter, Melissa
Hurd, Wendy
Ingvalson, Joel
Iswell, Sid
Jansen, Daniel
Johannsen, Matt
Johnson, Steve
Johnson, Doug
Karels, Tim
Karow, Ed
Kelly, Chad
Kelly, Justin
Kennedy, Pete
Kern, Jonathan
Kies, Scott
Knowlton, Steve
Knox, David
Knudsen, Eirik
Knutson, Paul
Koppi-Kohn, Greenhornet
Kozicki, Brian
Kratz, Will
Kremer, Justin,
Kroulik, Matt
Kvittem, Brent
Lee, Michael
Legler, Rob
Lemke, Nick
Lemke, Tony
Lewis, Tim
Lindberg, Gary
Loye, Jon
Luce, Andrew
Mailen, Sean
Maldonado, Ruben
Marx, Machine 
Mattner, Sean
McElhinney, Michael
Mcelvain, Tyson
Mclagan, Clayton
Menti, Rob
Menton, Patrick
Meulebroeck, Scott
Molnar, Josh
Mosimann, Rob
Meuller, Wade
Muesing, Cory
Nelson, Chris
Nelson, Erik
Nelson, Nick
Neuburger, Austin
Nixon, Doug
Oftendahl, Eric
O'Laughlin, Matt
Oberbroeckling, Amy
Olejniczak, Peter
Oneill, Jeffry
Oslin, Kit
Palmer, Devon
Pass, William
Perez, Jose
Perkinson, Scott
Peteson, David
Peterson, Paul
Pettes, Jeff
Puttonen, Charles
Quinn, Nicholas
Quinn, Tom
Raiche, Ken
Randolph, Daniel
Raygor, Trenton
Raymond, Stuart
Rients, Jesse
Ringold, Tom
Rinkleff, Franz
Risendal, Jim
Roshko, Ben
Ruhland, Robert
Samide, Ray
Sandberg, Calvin
Sandberg, John
Schad, Charlie
Schmid, Clare
Schmidt, Angie
Schneider, Jay
Schuetz, Justin
Serpe, Tony 
Sheedy, Patrick
Shoemaker, Daryl
Shouse, Corey
Shupe, Jeff
Sloma, Brent
Smith, Harlan
Sobota, Kyle
Sonke, Matthew
Stanke, Scotty
Stevenson, Eric
Stoltz, Robert
Strachan, David
Strate, Chelsea
Stringfield, Ryan
Sullivan, Mark
Sundstrom, Jared
Swenson, Clint
Tan, Justin
Terpening, Ryan
Thompson, John
Tiede, Travis
Tweed, Evan
Urbanski, Paul
Van Horn, Jeremy
Velo, Jana
Velo, Phillip
Vold, Sveta
Voltzke, Brandon
Vossen, Tim
Wagner, Andrew
Ward, Denise
Wark, Chase
Welch, Brian
Weeks, Issac
Weisbrod, Heth
Wilson, Drew
Wilson, Kurtis
Wintson, Jeff
Witt, Curtis
Wolf, Charles
Wood, Lewis
Youngwerth, Jenny

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